The barometer is part of the basic nautical equipment. But not every ship or boat is at sea level.
David Burch explains in detail in his guest article what needs to be considered when using a barometer at higher altitudes.
The author has participated in twelve transoceanic yacht races, taking first place several times.
As the founding director of the "Starpath School of Navigation" in Seattle (USA), he has been teaching marine weather for over 30 years.
For his outstanding achievements as a navigator, he was awarded the "Institute of Navigation Superior Achievement Award".

Calibrate hygrometer

The right temperature and optimum humidity ensure healthy living & working. However, creating a healthy indoor climate requires permanent monitoring of the room humidity. Therefore, the use of a hygrometer or a climate meter (combination of thermometer and hygrometer) is essential to maintain a good indoor climate. To be able to reliably monitor your indoor climate, you should regularly calibrate your measuring device.
Reptiles are cold-blooded (ectothermic) animals. It means that their body temperature is close to the ambient temperature. Therefore they often react sensitively to unfamiliar climatic conditions. Depending on the reptile species a certain humidity and temperature in the terrarium is necessary, because many of them absorb it through their skin or lungs. Too dry air in the terrarium can therefore cause life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia. Therefore a hygrometer should be installed in the terrarium, because it shows the prevailing humidity inside. This way you are able to maintain the climatic balance for your animal at all times, which is very important for its health condition.
The barometer is used to measure the atmospheric air pressure in hPa. The atmospheric pressure can be understood as the weight of a column of air that extends from the surface of the earth to the upper layers of the atmosphere. Due to the different warming of the latitudes, the arrangement of continents and oceans as well as movement processes in the atmosphere, the distribution of the air pressure is uneven. At sea level, the global average is 1013.25 hPa. For the most part it fluctuates between 990 and 1040 hPa

Weather stations and gardening

When it gets warmer again in spring, many people move outside and into their gardens. Gardening relaxes and makes you happy when the results are visible: A small green oasis, with beautiful flowering plants, a place to relax and unwind. The weather plays an important role in gardening and its results. Especially at the beginning of the warm season, ground frost can sometimes occur at night or the weather can change spontaneously, especially in April. To protect your garden and your plants and not to be interrupted during gardening work, it is worth taking a look at a weather station. Weather stations in the garden can not only look nice, they also provide important values to assess whether watering is still necessary today or the weather will change in the near future.
“Which hygrometers are the most precise, the ones with real or synthetic hair?“...