Meteorological network to forecast the energy and gas consumption

An essential goal for municipal utility is to assure security of supply and stability to the consumer. This comprised to provide the consumer electricity, gas and community heating at all time in a necessary volume. At this task it needs to forecast the expected usage. 

The weather has a sustainable effect of the energy and gas usage, so the recordation and the monitoring of meteorological values gives the consumer a special impact at the forecast of the expected usage.

Ordered by the municipal utilities of the Erzgebirge, Vogtland county and South Saxony, which are organised of the municipal energy service economy and operate a common forecasting system, FISCHER installed a meteorological network which insists a weather stations to the measurement of wind direction, wind speed , air temperature, air humidity and brightness. The measured data will be refer to the next registration, after that they will refer to a reception there the expected usage will be calculate.

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