Some time ago, we did get the following message from the US. 
We feel this is a moving story which is worth publishing:

Dear Fischer Co.,
I would like to ask you for an unusual favor.
I’m a retired physician, in the mid 70′ has proposed to use Fischer hygrometer in our university clinic for newborn incubators. After this, all Hungarian clinics started using them everywhere, and not only for newborn incubators.
In 1980 my son was born prematurely and placed in an incubator. He was kept there for about 1 month. Of course, all this time he watched the Fisher hygrometer – his first friend and rescue! When he was freed from the incubator, I kept the hygrometer like the souvenir/memory and it became our family friend and relic.
Until these days it was the most important sentimental memory in our family… Unfortunately, when my grandchildren were introduced to the Fischer Hygrometer, the glass was broken. We tried to find this part for a very long time, unfortunately, without success… Of course, we could buy a new hygrometer, but this will not be the same.
Now we live in the USA, my son became a doctor also. One day he spoke with his colleges about our broken memory and they advised him to turn to your company for help.
As we described our “family Fischer Hygrometer” in the above story it is very dear to our heart and we would like to ask you for help to fix our broken memento – Fischer hygrometer. 
We would like to buy a replacement hygrometer glass if possible to find.
Thank you very much for your time and effort in advance and we hope you can help us. 
Dr. M. R.

In the meantime the Hygrometer is repaired and we received this nice picture of the family:

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