LUFFT Weather Pillar

The LUFFT Weather Pillar – An exciting weather instrument

Since foundation in 1881, the company LUFFT delves with development and production of climate measurement products. In 2012 LUFFT got awarded as “Marke des Jahrhunderts” (brand of the century). The production of all machanical measurement instruments is outsurced to FISCHER from Drebach.

The waether pillar is a faithfully reproduction of an historical instrument by LUFFT. Developed in the 1940th, it was mentioned the first time in the 1951th catalogue.

The reproduction through the engenieurs of FISCHER happened in 2014 and got lizenzed the same year by LUFFT.

The product contains the most important measurement instruments of weather forecast:

  • Barometer for measurement of atmospheric pressure
  • Thermometer for measurement of temperature
  • Hygrometer for measurement of relative humidity
  • Compass for determination of wind direction

The mechanical measurement instruments arranged cylindrical and framed in a body made of polished brass. The aneorid barometer ist installed in the bottom of the case. With the help of the rotateable needle you can easily see change on airial pressure. Hygrometer and bimetallic thermometer are located inside a glass tube and the compass is integrated in the top of the pillar. The bottom of the whole instrument is made ob wood and contains a description of the most importand rules of weather measurement and forecast.

Manufacturing at FISCHER happens in man made single production after an order.
Every weather pillar is hand made and got it’s own serial number.

Distribution in Central Europa and UK will be organized by MANUFACTUM.

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