Newspaper report about project in Saarbrücken

The magazin “Umweltmagazin Saar” reports about lokal environment protection in it’s issue 4/2016.

This time including (page 15): the project of the room climate stations for Kindergarden and elementary schools [blog post from 11.08.2016], at which the state capital Saarbrücken has equipped the main rooms with 500 FISCHER instruments on a special designed rigid foam board.

“The main goal is an early education and understanding for environmental matters and a awareness for the meaning of environment protection. The furnishing of the kindergardens and schools shall bring that also to the smalles kids and get them used to take care about their surroundings on a playful way. Because of the design of the board the children get to know about their room climate even before they can read numbers and letters.” explains Claus Schrick, climate protection manager of the state capital Saarbrücken. After half a year he draws a positive balance and hope that other cities will follow his idea and copy that project.

Meanwhile it wasn’t a coincidence that Schrick used measurement instruments from FISCHER for the project: “Because of the mechanical and nearly maintenance-free instruments the educators don’t have to change batteries regularely and prevent additional waste.” the Diplom-Ingenieur Schrick says.


You will find the complete article (German only) in the archive of the organization BUND Saarland e.V. to download at “Schwerpunkt: Klimaschutz in Städten und Gemeinden” (pdf, 9 MB).

Technical details of the measurement instrument.


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