German craftsmanship

Traditional manual labour and modern manufacturing technologies

The manufacture of fine mechanical measurement instruments requires precision and solid technical skills. Our years of experience give you the security for the best processing and adjustment.

Virtually all product components are manufactured and assembled in-house. This enables us to implement customer-specific product versions also in small series.

To ensure the reliability of our products, we attach great importance to high-quality materials as well as on the most precise adjustment and testing of the measuring movements.

The careful use of resources and use of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods are part of our self-conception of sustainable production.

70 years of manufacturing experience


Kurt Fischer obtains the authorization to establish a precision-mechanical workshop in Drebach, in the Ore Mountains.


First barometers produced, followed shortly by high-quality construction and distribution of other meteorological instruments.


With government shareholders, the company now operates under the name Feingerätebau Kurt Fischer KG.
Extensive developments in the area of aeronautics, include micro-barographs for flight landing operations, altimeters for aircraft, and other products.


Intensive research by Bernd Fischer in the field of hygrometry establishes the excellent reputation of the FISCHER hygrometers, which continues to this day.


Patent application for the FISCHER high-sensitivity aneroid barometer mechanism.


Barometer mechanism patent awarded from the German Department of Metrology and Product Testing.


Expropriation and forced nationalization under the name VEB Feingerätebau Drebach.
The FISCHER brand continues to be used due to its established reputation for high quality.


Reprivatization under the name Feingerätebau K. Fischer GmbH, with the return of ownership to the FISCHER family group.


Modern production facility built in Drebach.


FISCHER takes on the production of all mechanical measuring instruments of the internationally respected LUFFT Corporation.


FISCHER becomes part of the ProInn Beteiligungen GmbH group, which ensures the company's continuing expansion in the field of instrumentation.

Foto Prüfstand
Test field in the 1950s
Foto Messestand
Booth in the 1960s