Data logger COMBILOG 1022

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Data logger COMBILOG 1022 with ETHERNET and USB interface, with new and extended configuration... more
Product information "Data logger COMBILOG 1022"

Data logger COMBILOG 1022 with ETHERNET and USB interface, with new and extended configuration software for WINDOWS 95/98/NT/2000/XP/7, in compact housing, with integrated display and SD-Card slot for memory card, suitable for applications in meteorological, hydrological and environmental measuring systems, as well as in various other industrial applications.

The COMBILOG enables the user to enter his individual system configuration in an easy manner, whereby sensors of almost any kind can be integrated.
Features of the electronic data logger COMBILOG 1022


  • Analog Inputs: 8 analog inputs are available
  • Analog measuring categories: Voltage, Current, Resistance measurement and measurement with Thermo Elements
  • Measuring Range: +6.25 mV...10 V; 62.5 µA...25 mA; 200 Ω...20 kΩ
  • Accuracy: 0.01% (depending on the range; check PDF)
  • Digital Inputs resp. Digital Outputs: 6 (Can be used either as input or output)
  • Digital measuring categories: Digital status aquisition, Frequency, Counter, Graycode
  • Logical Channels: 32 (e.g. Arithmetic-Channel, Alarm-Channel, Default-Channel)
  • Consumption: 0,1 W (depending on the configuration) 
    (e.g. 3.6 mA at 28 V)
  • Memory: Internal 7 MB Ringmemory 
    Additional Memeory by SD Card 
    (Both memories can be used at the same time.)
  • Sample Rate: selectable for each Channel between 0.25 sec and 1 h 
    (By choosing 0.25 sec. the Combilog will sample as fast as possible, which is min. 4 samples a sec. and max. 100 samples a sec. depending on the numbers of sensors connected).
  • Average intervall: 0.5 sec. to 12 h
  • Baud Rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 and 38400 bit/s
  • Network Port: Yes, Ethernet compatible
  • Serielle Data Interface: RS 232 and RS 485, USB
  • Master-Slave Mode: The Combilog can be operated in a Master-Slave Mode. If the Combilog is the Master there is a total of 32 Channels availabel. If a PC is the master there are 31 Combilog as slave available. Each Combilog can use all of its own channgels.
  • Display: LED Display with four lines
  • Low-Pass-Filter: configurable between 10 and 400 Hz
  • Drift of the Temperature: up to 2ppm/K with internale drift correction and connection of a PT 100 Sensor; 
    without PT 100 less than 25 ppm/K
  • Export Data Format: stored in .csv format
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ... +85 °C



Specifications of the electronic data logger COMBILOG 1022


inputs defined by software, with configuration software for Windows (98…7) and integrated webserver
  • analogue
8x, for current, voltage- and resistance measurement
16 bit analogue / digital conversion, 2-, 3- or 4-line connection;
single-ended or differential
resolution 0.003 ... 0.03 %, range dependent
accuracy 0.01 ... 0.3 %, range dependent
linearity 0.01%
temp. drift 25 ppm/K; 2 ppm/K with drift correction
ranges ± 6.25 mV ... ± 10 V; 62.5 µA ... 25 mA; 
200 Ohm ... 20 kOhm
  • digital
6x I/O port, for frequency measurement, counter, status 
and special Gray Code
as input max. 30 V DC; max. 1.5 mA; max. 4 kHz
as output open collector, max. 30 V DC; max. 100 mA
interfaces 1x RS232, 1x RS485; each ASCII- or PROFIBUS-format, baud rate max. 38,400 bps
USB, Ethernet
analogue output not available
memory 7 MB internal RAM as well as SD Memory Card up to 2GB
display LCD 4 x 16, contrast adjustable
power supply 10 ... 30 V DC, power consumption
depending on configuration starting from 70 mW
temperature operation -40 ... +85 °C, storage -40 ... +85 °C (LC Display -20 ... +60°C)
construction aluminium/ ABS housing;
for installation on standard rail 35 mm,
in accordance to EN 50022,
connection with plug-in terminals up to 1.5 mm²
dimensions 187 x 97 x 73 mm (W x H x D)
weight approx. 720 g
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Software Collector Basic
Software Collector Basic
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Power supply 24V/4A
Power supply 24V/4A
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