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»POLAR Barometer« The POLAR series of instruments includes the most important meteorological... more
Product information "1608B | POLAR Barometer"

»POLAR Barometer«

The POLAR series of instruments includes the most important meteorological measuring devices thermometer, hair hygrometer and barometer, which inform you about the current weather conditions and the indoor climate. From the changes in the air pressure level, you can also infer the weather for the following days.

Design by Mark Braun
In the design by product designer Mark Braun, the special and above all inspiring qualities of the renowned precision engineering manufacturer FISCHER were translated into a contemporary design. The accuracy of the measuring devices is highlighted with an incisive  pointer. This is bent over at its tip and ensures a parallax-free and therefore very precise reading of the respective measured value. The optimal measuring ranges are always highlighted in the distinctive FISCHER blue and give the user an orientation as to whether there are deviations from the ideal room climate or the ideal weather conditions. The typography and indices of the dials are kept factual and legible despite their graphic delicacy. FISCHER stands for high-quality analogue measurement technology. The design is designed in such a way that openings in the dial give an insight into the exciting inner workings of the measuring devices. The housing of the instrument series underlines the quality of this fine analogue measurement technology and, with the striking phase on the base part, highlights the position on the wall with particular ease. Overall, the POLAR series of instruments stages the relevance of analogue measurement technology, which allows us to live in a durable and reliable manner in harmony with the indoor climate and weather conditions.

The barometer is used to measure the atmospheric air pressure in hPa. The deformation of a flat, airless metal can is used to measure the atmospheric air pressure. Rising air pressure compresses the can, and when the air pressure falls, it expands again. This movement, which is only a few hundredths of a millimetres, is transferred to the pointer with the help of a fine mechanism, and the air pressure is thus displayed.

All measuring instruments are precisely adjusted in the manufacturing plant and work completely maintenance-free. Each individual instrument is provided with a serial number. The curved instrument pointer enables a parallax-free reading of the respective measured value. In addition, a change in the measured value can be easily recognized with the help of the index pointer attached to the glass. The housing (Diameter 133 mm. Height 45 mm) of the instrument series consists of brushed brass resp. stainless steel. The precision mechanical POLAR instrument series is handmade at FISCHER in Germany.

Upgrade your living space both functionally and aesthetically and secure your »POLAR Barometer« of the Fischer manufactory.

Field of use: indoors
Colour: 01 - brushed stainless steel, 45/GEB. - brushed brass
Material: brass, stainless steel
Product type: barometer
Measuring accuracy barometer: ± 2 hPa
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